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Do You Make Christianity Seem Weird?

I’m not sure which is worse, a loud talker or a close talker.  I had a conversation with a guy the other day who was both, and when he found out that I’m a follower of Jesus, it was on.

He began to rain down fire and brimstone on everyone within 100 yards of our conversation.  His verbal damnation of those who don’t claim to be Christians was embarrassing to say the least.  I immediately thought to myself, “Situations like this are why people think Christians are weird.”

Roman 1:16 is not a license for us to abandon compassion for people who don’t have a relationship with God through Jesus.  We can’t expect people to act like Christians when they don’t have Christ in them.  Read the gospels and see how Jesus treated people who were far from God.

I wish “brimstone man,” and people like him, would understand that they do more damage than good when their passion lacks compassion.

T. J.

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