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Sin is Like Crabgrass

When our family moved from the home we sold in Jacksonville, Fl to the home we purchased in Winston-Salem, NC, Richard, one of our new neighbors, was quick to suggest that I apply crabgrass preventer to our lawn.  He noticed we had a small amount of crabgrass in one little area of our yard.  He warned that if I didn’t take care of the problem right away, the crabgrass would overtake the good grass in my yard before I even realized what was happening.

I chose to listen to Richard’s advice, and I applied the crabgrass preventer.  It was inconvenient, and it was costly, but it was worth it because my lawn is now healthy and growing like it should.

Sin is like crabgrass.  If you don’t make an effort to get rid of it when it begins to creep into any area of your life, before you know it, it will overtake every area of your life.  In order to prevent sin from taking over, you have to get honest with yourself and get serious before God.  At times, this may seem inconvenient and appear costly, but it’s worth it!

If your goal is to have a healthy relationship with God and to continue to grow in your faith, read how the author of Psalm 139 approached the issue, and then follow suit.

T. J.

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