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Faithfulness Results in Influence

I received an email yesterday from a former high school student that my wife, Wendy, and I had the opportunity to minister to a few years ago.  She is now married, has three children, one with special needs, and is trying to figure out how to manage her marriage and family, along with her relationship with God.

In her email, she didn’t list any words of wisdom Wendy and I shared with her in the past.  She didn’t recite back to me any points from the messages she heard me preach.  She didn’t mention anything specific that she has ever heard us say.  What she talked about was what she perceived as faithfulness in our lives.  Below are excerpts from her email:

My husband and I have been through a lot, and I just look at us and everything that has happened, and I see that God has brought us closer to each other…  I think in all reality the devil is just trying to push me off my stepping stones to God.  I think he thought that he could break us with us having a special needs child…

I cannot tell you how much I look back at my life, and think about the opportunities I missed, but I do thank you and Mrs. Wendy for everything because it has touched me in my life.  If you would have pushed God away from doing what he said, my life would or could have been hindered, and for Mrs. Wendy ,as a preachers wife, I thank her too for being faithful.  I can’t thank you both enough for everything you guys have done to be faithful and allowing me to have great role models.

In addition to being humbled by what I read in her email, this girl reminded me that faithfulness results in influence.  Most people won’t remember the words we say, but they will remember whether or not we’ve been faithful.  By God’s grace, and through his power, we can live faithful lives that influence people for Jesus.
T. J.
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