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Not “If” but “When”

In the gospel of Matthew, when Jesus refers to fasting, he says, “…when you fast…” It’s interesting to me that he says, “when” and not “if.”

Until a year and a half ago, I had never gone without food for an extended period of time.  I enjoy eating way too much to do that.  But when I first sensed God calling me to plant a church, I wanted to seek his plan for me more intensely, so I began the spiritual discipline of fasting.

When fasting is done with the proper motives, it can help us go to a different level in our relationship with God.  In fact, Jesus said that prayer and fasting are required if we want to experience the faith necessary to accomplish certain things for him.

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall spiritually, and you desire a breakthrough, commit to fasting.  Ask God to show you what type of fast to undergo and for how long, and then watch what he does as you rely on him.

T. J.

For more information on spiritual fasting, check out the links below:



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