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Hitting the Wall

At some point in our lives, we all slam head first into a wall that stops us dead in our tracks.  It’s the point at which we realize there’s got to be something more to this life than living and dying, something much bigger than our own personal story.

Two options exist when this epiphany occurs:

  1. We can put our blinders back on, push through the tension, and remain focused on the starring role we’ve become accustomed to playing in our own little story, or
  2. We can analyze that reoccurring question, “What is my true purpose in life?” and recognize the significance of playing a supporting role in a much bigger story, the story of God.

Option number one offers temporary satisfaction, and with each self-centered pursuit, the satisfaction level gradually decreases, until it disappears altogether.

Option number two offers lasting fulfillment that can only be experienced by submitting to, and investing in, a story that will outlive our own.

T. J.

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  1. David Lee
    May 25, 2010 at 10:16 am

    Hi TJ,
    I came across you via Twitter – probably through Juan Devevo who I follow there. Enjoyed reading some of your blog entries and will come back often. You almost caught me and my son in the background of your pictures from the Meet & Greet at the Casting Crowns show in Greensboro. Juan’s wife Melodee hooked us up with passes. I live in Cary, so close enough to be “neighbors” but not really close enough to visit New Church. I go to First Baptist in Cary. Our pastor came from Jacksonville also. Do you know a Jay Huddleston? He founded Shindler Drive Baptist there in Jacksonville.

    Anyway, just saying hi. I’ll pray for your new ministry and look forward to your blogs and tweets.

    David Lee

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