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What They Really Think

The story found in 1 Kings 22 is a classic example of a leader who places people around him to tell him what he wants to hear, rather than what he needs to hear.

King Ahab was determined to force his plan at any cost, and it ended up costing him everything.  Instead of listening to the wisdom of the prophet God placed in his life, he followed the advice of 400 other prophets, none of which had any intentions of disagreeing with him.

As leaders, we need to surround ourselves with people who will tell us what they really think, not just what we want to hear.  I’m not referring to people who are disrespectful, or those who challenge our authority.  I’m talking about people who have our best interest, and the best interest of our organizations in mind.

You may not always agree with them, or follow their advice, but at least you know you have honest people on your side.

T. J.

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