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Simple Truths

Below are some takeaways from my recent trip to McDonough, GA for a church planter’s coaching network hosted by Avalon Church and led by Ritchie Miller:

Your church can grow with or without facilities.
New buildings don’t always result in immediate growth.

Your plans will have to be flexible in order to achieve your vision.
“Your plans will change, but your vision should remain the same.”

Your leadership style will have to change as your church grows.
You must learn to let go and delegate; however, delegation without follow-up leads to disaster.

Not everyone who starts with you will finish with you.
Learn the gift of goodbye.
Release volunteers and staff well.
You will be stabbed in the back, but love them anyway.
Remind yourself that it is not your church.

God is not surprised by anything.
God will provide.
Stay faithful.

Simple truths–some original, some not, but all are great reminders.

T. J.

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