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Encounter: Vision

In Isaiah 6:1-4, the prophet Isaiah experienced a transforming vision from God that required a response!   Vision has been defined as “an idea of a preferred future; usually given birth through a growing dissatisfaction in the way things presently are.”

At the time of his encounter with God, Isaiah would have been dissatisfied with the rebellion of God’s people and discouraged by the message of judgment God sent him to deliver.  Isaiah had an idea of a preferred future for God’s people related to the way God originally intended things to be.

Most of us won’t get to experience a vision like Isaiah saw–a vision of God’s holiness and glory on display through flying seraphim, the thundering voices of an angelic choir, and a temple full of smoke.

However, God can place a vision in a leader’s heart to do something extraordinary for him!  He can cause a “holy discontent” to take place that will force that person to dream of what could and should be in relation to his plan to redeem all of mankind.

But in order for that to happen, in order for us to receive that vision from God, we have to be in constant pursuit of him.  Isaiah experienced the vision while he was in God’s presence.

If you desire to know and fulfill the vision God has for you as a leader, you have to stay connected to the only One who can give birth to the vision, and then cause it be realized for his glory!

T. J.

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