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In every man’s life, there is a cause worth fighting for and a victory worth claiming. The WARRIOR teaching series will show you how to prepare for the battles ahead and emerge victorious. It’s time to stop playing the role of the nice guy and instead live as The Warrior!

Week 1 – Purity of The WARRIOR

Week 2 – Mind of The WARRIOR

Week 3 – Character of The WARRIOR

Week 4 – Ministry of The WARRIOR

T. J.

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Portrait of Commitment

Last Sunday at New Church, we ended our Family Portrait series with a bang, or more literally, a plunge!  We had our first ever baptism party, and 10 people took the next step in their journey of faith as they identified with Jesus through baptism.

We looked at the story of a family in Scripture that made a commitment and took a next step.  You can click HERE to read the story, and you can click HERE to listen to last Sunday’s message.

I’ll be sending out our monthly newsletter next week with pictures and video of the baptism party!  To automatically receive our monthly newsletter, click HERE!

Thanks for your continued prayers and support of what God has called us to do through New Church for his glory!

T. J.

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Volunteer Leader Spotlight: Martha Martin

Martha Martin is the focus of this week’s Volunteer Leader Spotlight!  Martha is married to our Next Generation Pastor, Jeremy, and she works as a Lead Phlebotomist for Talecris Plasma Resources.

Martha is the first person our guests see when they walk into New Church on Sundays, and her smile is contagious and welcoming.  She does a tremendous job of leading our Host Team, which is focused on making sure our guests are valued and informed.

In addition to her leadership role with our Host Team, Martha also sings in the New Church Band.  But one of the things I appreciate most about Martha is that she has a knack for handling details that most people wouldn’t even consider, much less take the initiative to manage.

Thank you, Martha Martin, for working hard each week to create a culture in which our guests feel welcomed and valued, and thank you for doing it without regard for who gets the credit!

T. J.

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Volunteer Leader Spotlight: Jessica Sizemore

The Volunteer Leader Spotlight for this week is focused on Jessica Sizemore.  Jessica is married to Josh, and she became a mom when she gave birth to her son, James, just 2 months ago.  She is the main storyteller for the pre-schoolers in our Newbies (birth-4 yrs.) environment.

I asked Jessica 2 simple questions related to her experience with New Church, and below is what she had to say:

Why New Church?

New Church came into my life at a time when I needed it.  Josh and I had been attending another area church off and on for several years, but for whatever reason, we just couldn’t seem to get plugged in.  New Church allows me to be a part of something real and comfortable.  I really love that New Church gets rid of the fluff that some churches add.  If it is not in the Bible, then it isn’t taught–period.  It is real and authentic and exactly what I was searching for.  Being a New Church Partner has helped me understand the importance of the Great Commission. It is our job to spread the good news of Jesus, and New Church offers a concrete way to do that.

Why Volunteer?

I volunteer because I love the pure joy that I see on the faces of the kids in Newbies when they are worshiping God.  Jesus said that we need to have childlike faith and to see that played out on their little faces every Sunday brings it home for me.  I not only get to teach children all about the character of God, but I get to watch them discover who He is and understand how that works in their lives and the lives of their parents.  Serving in Newbies is fun, and I look forward to each week because I know I am helping lay a solid foundation for these children to grow into adults who will know the God of the universe intimately.  This is the most crucial time to lay that foundation, and I consider myself blessed to be a part of it.

And we are blessed to have Jessica serving as a Volunteer Leader in our Next Generation Ministry!  Thank you for all you do, Jessica!

T. J.

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Portrait of Obedience

Last Sunday, at New Church, we continued our Family Portrait series by looking at the life of Josiah.

Josiah was only 8 years old when he took the throne as the King of Judah, but the Bible says that “He did what was pleasing in the Lord’s sight… He did not turn away from doing what was right.” (2 Kings 22:2)

Josiah was a “Portrait of Obedience.”  You can read Josiah’s story in 2 Kings 22-23, and you can listen to last Sunday’s message by clicking HERE.

T. J.

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Portrait of Dedication

Last Sunday, on Mother’s Day, my wife spoke in our main worship experience.  She did an amazing job of communicating, through the story of Hannah and Samuel, what it looks like to dedicate something, and in this case someone, to God for his glory!

She made this point: “There’s nothing you can give God that he didn’t give you first.”

Think about that for a minute.  Everything we have comes from God, and we are managers of what he has given us during our time here on earth.  This includes our time, energy, resources, finances, and even our children.

I’m so excited about how God has spoken through Jeremy and Wendy during the first two weeks of this “Family Portrait” series, and I can’t wait to get back in the saddle this Sunday as we take a look at a Portrait of Obedience!

You can listen to Wendy’s message from last Sunday by clicking HERE.

T. J.

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Volunteer Leader Spotlight: Wendy Ward

May 11, 2011 1 comment

This week, the Volunteer Leader Spotlight is focused on my lovely wife, Wendy Ward.  Since last Sunday was Mother’s Day, I thought it would be an appropriate time to publicly thank one of the hardest working people at New Church.

In addition to being the lead pastor’s wife, Wendy is currently the main storyteller for our Newkidz (K5-5th) environment, and she also serves as a greeter on our Host Team.

Wendy works full-time as a systems analyst for Bank of America and is an amazing mom to our two daughters, Dacey and Whitney.  If it wasn’t for her spiritual influence in my life, New Church would not exist.

Thanks, Wendy, for being the type of wife and mom described in Proverbs 31, not to mention an incredible Volunteer Leader at New Church!  I love you!

T. J.

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