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Volunteer Leader Spotlight: Kent Bennett

This week’s Volunteer Leader Spotlight is focused on Kent Bennett.  Kent is a Community Relations Support Specialist for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center and one of the funniest dudes I know.  If you like to laugh on a continual basis, follow Kent on Twitter.

Kent works with our Tech Team on Sundays and helps with our Saturday set-up, when his schedule permits.  I asked Kent two simple questions, and he was kind enough to answer them.  You can read his responses below:

Why New Church?
I was still relatively new to Winston-Salem and was searching for a new church. I had visited some area churches but hadn’t really found one that I could connect with. When the post card came announcing “Grand Freaking Opening!!” I thought to myself, this could be the one.  The notion of it being “church…just different” I think, really appeals to a lot of people. It’s a church where a person, no matter where they are in their relationship with God, can feel really comfortable and grow spiritually with other people who know they aren’t perfect but can still lift each other up while they worship God.
Why Volunteer?
I volunteer at New Church because once I realized that it was a church where I felt like I could really grow, I wanted to become invested in it to make sure that others had an opportunity to have the same kind of experience. Voulnteering at New Church has introduced me to other great people who want others to know the joy Christ can bring both inside and outside of church.

Kent, I’m really glad our Grand Freaking Opening post card didn’t scare you away.  I appreciate all you do, and it is an honor to serve Jesus along side you at New Church!
T. J.
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