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Volunteer Leader of the Week: Robert Maxey

I am honored to present to you the most recent New Church Volunteer Leader of the Week, Robert Maxey.  Robert is an Associate Auditor at Carter Bank and Trust throughout the week, and on the weekends, he leads on our set-up and tear down teams.  He also serves on our Finance Team.

I asked Robert two simple questions in relation to New Church, and here’s what he had to say:

Why New Church?

I feel God prepared, and led, me and my family to New Church.

Why Volunteer?

At first, I wanted to help New Church because I knew it would be difficult to find volunteers, since it is a “new” church.  Volunteering was a way to show my support for New Church.  It did not take long before just wanting to help turned into a calling and sharing of the vision of New Church.  

I believe God has helped me to understand, no matter your talent level, he has a place for you, and if you offer him your best, he will use your talents.  Since I started volunteering, God has brought wonderful new friends into my family’s life and allowed me to be a part of  62 people accepting his gift of salvation.  What more can be said?

Robert is a tremendous example of what a servant leader should be like.  Robert, I’m so glad God brought your family to New Church, and I’m grateful for your leadership and your support!  It is an honor to serve Jesus alongside you!

T. J.

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