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Volunteer Leader of the Week: Daniel Paulk

Meet Daniel Paulk, our most recent Volunteer Leader of the Week.  Daniel works as an engineer on the weekdays and volunteers on our Host Team on Sundays.  Daniel is married to Samantha, our Groups Director, and together they lead a New Church Group.

I asked Daniel a couple of simple questions about New Church and volunteering.  Here’s what he had to say:

Why New Church?

Samantha and I chose New Church because we were looking for something non-traditional, that we as young adults could fit into and be a part of. We church shopped for a long time, before going to the launch service at New Church, but never found anything that we wanted to be a part of. Once we visited and found out that the core values of the church were in line with our beliefs, we knew right away that we had found the right church for us.

Why Volunteer?

After the first couple of times visiting, I knew that the YMCA where we meet opened at noon, and there was something of a time crunch to get everything put away after church before the Y opened. So I offered to help by putting up chairs and that led to other things, and as I got more comfortable with everyone, I got plugged into more and more things because it felt natural. Simply put, I saw a need and wanted to be able to help.

Thank you for stepping up to meet that need, and other needs since then, Daniel.  I appreciate all that you and Samantha are doing to help us accomplish our vision “…to help people far from God experience new life in Jesus Christ!”  It’s an honor to serve along side you each week!

T. J.

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