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The Dixie Classic Fair and the Gospel

October 7, 2010 Leave a comment

It was good to catch up with two of the original members last night at the Dixie Class Fair here in Winston.  I appreciate what Tenth Avenue North is about.  From the first time I saw them perform, which was in a high school chapel in Jacksonville, FL, until now, their goal has always been to lead people to worship God.  Their music is focused on Jesus and his redemptive plan, and I like that.  God was honored, and the gospel was clearly presented to hundreds of people last night.  Keep up the good work, fellas!

T. J.

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The Light Meets the Dark

Tenth Avenue North in our home in Jacksonville, FL in 2008

Tenth Avenue North before the Greensboro, NC show in 2010

A few years ago, before Tenth Avenue North released their album Over and Underneath, the school where I was employed as the high school principal booked them to lead worship for, what we called, “Spiritual Emphasis Week.”

Keep in mind, they hadn’t become as popular as they are now.  In fact, I think they only had one song on the radio at that time.  But one of the things I noticed right away was they weren’t there to perform for the students, or promote their soon-to-release album.

They were there to lead us into a meaningful worship experience  designed to lift up the name of Jesus.  That’s the thing I still appreciate about them the most.

We saw them open for Casting Crowns a few weeks ago in Greensboro, NC, and as far as the performance was concerned, nothing had changed.  The venue was different, and the crowd was much larger, but their purpose was identical.  They were there to lead people into a meaningful worship experience designed to lift up the name of Jesus.

When you get a chance, check out their latest album that just released today.

T. J.

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Wanna be in a Music Video?

April 29, 2010 2 comments

Last Saturday evening, I got to see my friend, Juan (standing next to me in the picture), who I attended high school with back in Jacksonville, Fl. several years ago.

He’s one of the guitarists in a band that was performing in Greensboro, which is about 30 minutes away from where we live in Winston-Salem.  Juan hooked me and Wendy, and our girls, up with tickets to see the concert, and we had the opportunity to hang out with him for a few minutes before the show.

Although I’m not really a music fanatic, I appreciate this band’s music and, more importantly, the message behind it.  I also love the fact that they clearly present the gospel of Jesus Christ at every one of their shows.  I can’t wait to someday see how many people have crossed the line of faith as a result of being exposed to the life-changing message of Jesus at one of their concerts.

If you would like the chance to be in their new music video, go to their website, watch the instructional video, and follow the directions.  If that doesn’t excite you, at the very least, check out their music.  You’ll find that it’s well done and honoring to Jesus.

T. J.

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